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An accident can change anyone’s life. An inattentive driver can lay havoc to a vehicle in the blink of an eye, causing serious bodily injuries to anyone in the vehicle. When someone is involved in an accident insurance can help cover some damages, but sometimes it is not enough for high medical bills, expensive vehicular damage and the long-term care that may be needed after an accident in Georgia. A truck accident can inflict serious injuries on all those involved.

Four tractor-trailers were involved in a wreck along I-85 early in the early morning in DeKalb County recently. The cause of the wreck is under investigation, but one driver was killed. All northbound lanes were diverted to I-285 through Pleasantdale Road. Industrial equipment was being used to clean up the debris from the wreckage. One of the trailers was almost completely demolished from the collisions.

Being involved in a large accident can be very challenging, especially if it involves a large vehicle. If the cause of the accident is known, victims may be eligible for additional compensation. Being safe on the roads is important, but sometimes an accident can’t be avoided. Another driver may be sleeping at the wheel due to working too much, or not driving according to poor conditions like rain or snow. A semi-truck accident or similar crash can lead to serious injuries.

Being safe is a priority, especially if drivers are traveling at high speeds along highways like I-85. From pick-up trucks to tractor-trailers, a truck driver has a responsibility to those around them. If someone is hurt because another driver acted in a negligent way, the victim could be compensated for pain and suffering and any other financial losses.

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