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Typically, when one of our Atlanta readers hears about a two trucks colliding, they probably expect the results to be extremely graphic with many injuries. Luckily however, a recent truck accident involving two trucks resulted in only one minor injury to a person.

The recent truck accident occurred on I-675 going north, near I-285. Two trucks, one box truck hauling mail and one flat-bed truck that was carrying sod, crashed into each other. Both trucks lost what they were carrying from the crash, which resulted in about a two and a half hour delay before all lanes were re-opened. It is unclear who was at fault from the accident or why it even occurred in the first place.

Typically when a truck accident occurs with a car, the driver of the car and any passengers are much more likely to be injured. When that is the case, the first thing that should be taken care of is the health of anyone who is injured as quickly as possible. After everyone’s health is taken care of as well as possible, then the injured people and their families can look into the possibility of pursuing a lawsuit to recover compensation for the costs of the medical bills, repairs to the vehicle and any other associated costs. The lawsuit can be brought against the owner of the truck, the driver and sometimes even the owner of the contents of the truck, if they were in any way a cause of the accident or made it potentially even more dangerous.

Being the victim of any type of motor vehicle accident is never easy, especially when serious injuries are involved. Seeking out information on the available options is the best way to try to make a full recovery.

Source: The Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Truck crash blocks I-675 during morning commute,” Mike Morris and John Spink, March 22, 2013