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Being a major metropolitan area connected to the rest of the country by some of the busiest interstates, Atlanta has lots of traffic. With so many vehicles on the road accidents are bound to happen. Yet, most accidents are completely avoidable if drivers are attentive and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When an inattentive driver operates an 18-wheeler, the sheer size of the truck can cause a serious semi-truck accident. A recent accident in Fulton County shows just how dangerous these vehicles can be when involved in an accident.

In that accident, 16 people were injured when a hotel shuttle collided with the trailer of a semi-truck. The driver of the shuttle suffered broken arms and legs and the other injured passengers were taken to the hospital. Though the accident is still under investigation, it appears from accident pictures that the semi-truck may have jackknifed, causing its trailer to slam into the hotel shuttle. The massive size of these vehicles make other motorists and their passengers extremely vulnerable when a truck accident results.

Recovering from truck accidents can be difficult. Injuries can include broken bones and head and neck injuries that can leave a victim disabled. It may take months, even years, to fully recover. In some instances the victim is left with a life-long injury that requires long-term care just to attempt to live a normal life. The expenses associated with these accidents can be quite high, making the best care unattainable for some victims. For these individuals, a lawsuit may be an option.

A personal injury lawsuit has many moving parts. To win a case, a victim must prove the other driver was responsible for the accident, typically by showing negligence on the driver’s behalf, and the accident resulted in the victim’s injuries. These elements are fact specific and depend on the details of each case. Yet, if the facts favor the plaintiff and a victory is obtained, then compensation may be obtained.

If awards are received, many of a victim’s expenses related to the accident may be covered. The victim might then have the money to seek out the best medical care available in an effort to reach the fullest recovery possible. Additionally, lost wages may be recoverable and so, too, may pain and suffering. After going through such a trying, painful experience, truck accident victims deserve a little comfort.

Source: CBS Atlanta, “16 injured in Fulton County hotel shuttle bus accident,” Mandi Milligan, May 24, 2013