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As many people are aware, when one truck gets in an accident, it is usually a significant event. When there is a multi-vehicle truck accident, the potential for injuries is high; luckily, despite this potential, a recent truck collision that shut down a major thoroughfare near the Atlanta metro area only left three people injured.

The accident occurred in the westbound lanes of Ga. 316 at the intersection of Ga. 20 near Atlanta. A logging truck, another truck and a car were all involved in an accident that shut down the road. One of the trucks overturned from the accident, and all of the logs in the truck were let loose. As a result of this significant accident, only three people were injured though the extent of those injuries is currently unknown. In addition to treating those injured people, the firefighters who came to the scene also cleaned up hydraulic fuel that was leaking from one of the vehicles.

For many people who are involved in any type of accident, it is often difficult to fully recover physically. In addition to the stress physical rehabilitation, there is the additional economic strain from medical bills and other unexpected financial expenses. Recovering from the economic strain of an accident can often be just as difficult if not more difficult on victims than physical recovery.

When a person gets into an accident with a truck, often there are multiple parties that person can sue for recovery. These parties can include the truck owners, the drivers and sometimes even the company that was shipping materials in the truck. Generally, the best way to be sure who is responsible and can be collected from is to seek out help with bringing a lawsuit.

Recovering from an accident is often a difficult ordeal for the victim. It is best to get assistance whenever possible in order to ensure that the victim will be able to enjoy a full financial recovery if that is at all possible..

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Ga. 316 reopens following logging truck crash,” May 7, 2013