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You’ve just experienced an auto accident. You’re a little shaken up, but you don’t feel hurt. Everything seems to be in good working order. No need to worry about going to the hospital, right?

Wrong, sadly. You should always seek medical attention after any auto accident. That’s the advice our accident injury lawyers provide to friends, colleagues and prospective clients alike.

You might feel fine in the aftermath of your accident, but you’re not a doctor (and if you are, you know very well that it’s a bad idea to treat yourself). Many conditions, including neck and spine injuries, take a while to make themselves known. It’s not as though you hurt yourself, then immediately feel every symptom. Pain and discomfort can take weeks and even months to manifest.

Seeking medical attention also establishes a record that will prove exceptionally useful for our accident injury lawyers. Medical examinations generate documentation, and that documentation is crucial to proving your case.

You want to establish that you sought medical attention in a prompt, reasonable fashion after your accident. This will go a long way toward protecting your legal rights.

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