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For any Atlanta resident who uses an iPhone or any type of cell phone, it is likely that on more than one occasion, it has been answered while still charging. This seemingly normal act, however, cost one young woman her life.

The accident occurred recently when a 23-year-old woman picked up a charging iPhone to answer a call and was electrocuted. It was initially believed that the phone was an iPhone 5, however recent reports indicated that it was actually an iPhone 4. Further, it appears that the defective product was actually the charger she was using, which was believed to be manufactured by a third party. It is believed that the charger had fewer safety measures built in, and this could have contributed to her death. It is unknown if there were other extenuating circumstances that led to her death, since the incident is still being investigated by Apple and the local authorities.

Often times when an individual is killed by a defective product, the company that created that product will deny liability immediately. For that reason, a product liability suit is often required to be brought in order to determine exactly who was responsible. The process is often a long one and requires a significant amount of follow up on the part of the injured party. For that reason, it often requires the proper assistance to know how to get the required information to be able to settle. Still, the family can assist the process by supplying the attorney with as much information as possible about the accident, even smaller details that may not seem important at the time.

Recovering after the loss of a loved one is a long and difficult process. Seeking out assistance is often necessary to be able to begin to move on from that loss.

Source: CNet, “iPhone-related death in China could be linked to fake charger“, Josh Lowensohn, July 18, 2013